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Research Pacific China is a JV-subsidiary of The Research Pacific Group. Research Pacific has operated in China since 1998. Our Jv parttner is one of the longest continuously operating data collection companies in the Country.

Research Pacific China is a full service marketing research company which prides itself on delivering work of international standards, whether full service or simply data collection. Creativity and original thinking and a consultative approach are our hallmarks.

We provide a full array of qualitative services to local and international clients including IDI, FGD and Ethnographic work in both consumer and business audiences, as well as In-store work. We have also (and unusually among Chinese MR firms), done extensive behavioural work among rural consumers, agriculturalists and among Industrial targets in transport hubs, shipyards, assembly sites and more.

In Beijing and in Shanghai we operate centrally located viewing studios (inside the 3rd ring road, and close to Nanjing Lu shopping street, respectively) which are fully equipped with all modern facilities. In around 30+ more major cities in China we have access via local approved partners to facilities with either mirrors or CCTV viewing.

Due to the sheer size of China and need for various dialects we use local field partner's staff to recruit, but check all recruitment centrally. On-staff moderators are fluent in Mandarin and some additional dialects.

Research Pacific China also provides a full range of quantitative services including a CATI centre and f2f field force for both consumer and b2b targets. We have conducted most types of work from targetted surveys in specific micro-districts up to thousands of interviews across multiple cities.

Experience in many categories, but especially Automotive, Building & Construction, Education, Financial, Healthcare, Luxury and Lifestyle Brands, Media, Retail Branding & Merchandising, Telecommunications & Convergence Industries, Travel Tourism & Hospitality , Transportation and other B2B /Techno Industrial sectors.

Our China team is led by Professionals with more than 20 years of in-market experience from the first ''wave'' of market researchers trained locally, previously employed in global research agencies China branches.


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