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Group Partners are companies with which The Research Pacific Group has formal relationships as the Group's field provider in that company's home market. Partners have only been "brought on board" after a lengthy evaluation process.

Partners are all privately held and independent. None is a part of the major global research groups. We firmly believe that this is an integral part of our commitment to providing our clients with an independent source of marketing research in Asia.

They are companies which have demonstrated a competence in conducting technically oriented research and business to business research; both of which are core Group activities.

Our partners have been trained by The Research Pacific Group on quality control procedures and have agreed to adhere to our strict standards of quality. They have also agreed to conduct their business within the guidelines set forth by the ESOMAR code of conduct.

The Research Pacific Group benefits by having consistent, ongoing relationships with its key partners; this results in superior service, quality control, and better prices due to the volume of business brought to partnering companies. Our Clients benefit by knowing that the synergies of our organisational structure are being passed to them in the way of high quality, centrally managed, locally flavoured, and cost effective results.

Partners are located in - Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia


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