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The Research Pacific Group places great emphasis on effective project management processes and maintenance of high quality standards. A comprehensive “Best Practices” guide has been developed to facilitate effective project management. All employees are tested on the contents of the guide, with both test performance and project performance linked to employee compensation.

In addition, a quality feedback system is used, in which our Clients can evaluate our service. This enables us to continually better ourselves and offer clients the best management process possible.

Right interviewers for the job
Train first then brief

25% for each interviewer
Check content -- not just occurrence
100% visual check and manual edit

Time zone differences are our problem not yours
Notice the cellular phone numbers on business cards
The person who sold a project to you will always be involved
Analysis and data files the way YOU want them
Updates as needed
Proactive Approach
Not an order taker
Cultural Considerations
Manage Language Issues
Translate locally
Independent back-translate
Focus on meaning not words

Our project management process ensures that we have total control over the design of the study, the fieldwork quality across the region and the communications necessary with the client. Each study thus has consistency of methodology no-matter how many countries are involved while eliminating the headaches clients often face having to juggle multi-country projects.

Typical Centralized Activities (Singapore) Typical Partner Activities
Client briefing Translate
Back-translate Brief interviewers
Brief field management Pilot
Pilot and Review Conduct fieldwork
Monitor field and cross check Field updates
Client updates Validate
Edit/Code/Data Entry Questionnaires/Materials to Singapore
Analysis and Report


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