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Strategic Marketing Research | Customer Relationship Research | HR Strategy Research | Corporate Image/Identity Research | Public & Social Opinion Research

Strategic Marketing Research

Consumer Product, B2B, technical & industrial clients. Research for any step of the Marketing continuum.

Customer Relationship Research

Consumer & business products and services. Measures taken at every step of service delivery cycle.
HR Strategy Research

Manufacturing & service organisations. Measures taken using proprietary tools, normative data comparisons. "climate" surveys, or issue specific ones.
Corporate Image/Identity Research

Private & public sector organisations. Image positioning research with any relevant audience, general public, journalists, even competition.
Social Opinion Research

Government Sector clients and NGOs. Studies for public policy as well as social planning; health related surveys in attitudes and behaviour.
Key Areas    Communications Management, Desk Research, Exploratory Learning, Mystery Shopping, Opinion Polling, Product & Service Development, Relationship Management, Strategic Planning & Market Modelling.


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