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The Research Pacific Group is a full service marketing research firm which remains fully independent and owner managed.  With Real Resources, and Real Expertise, we are fully committed to delivering to our clients, Research Solutions and Insights … across Asia.

Resources include a real regional network and our Singapore based Regional Project Management Centre. The centre is staffed by 20 full time, bilingual employees. Data collection is usually done locally in each market, but all data is quality checked, processed and tabulated centrally in Singapore. Our regional project management system provide clients with “one stop” shopping for their research needs in Asia and ensures that projects are managed thoroughly and consistently from market to market.

Our expertise includes our Asia centric focus and a wide array of sectors and topics. We have over 15 years experience in Asia with a particular focus on : 

·         Telecommunications

·         Financial Services and Banking

·         Information Technology

·         Travel and Tourism

·         Automotive and Transportation

·         Business Media/ Information Products

·         Social, Health & Life Sciences

·         Lifestyle products/Health & Beauty

·         Technical and Industrial

·         Consumer Durables

Major areas of work include Customer Satisfaction, Product Development/Feasibility, U & A,  Communications Testing, Organisational climate studies and many more. We also have a qualitative research function headed by an experienced qualitative research professional.

Although much of our work is customised we have introduced several normative driven methodologies into the Asia Pacific Region. For more information contact Mr Kevin Reagan.  

TRPG Management

Irwin Hankins, Group President, is the founder of The Research Pacific Group, and has close to 35 years experience in the marketing research industry, including over 25 years specifically within Asia. Irwin is a Canadian citizen who migrated to Asia in the early 1980's. Prior to founding The Research Pacific Group in 1988, Irwin served as a director of Survey Research Malaysia. Before moving to Malaysia, Irwin worked extensively in the marketing research industry both in Canada and the UK. As president and founder of The Research Pacific Group, Irwin remains highly involved in all group activities and 'doubles' as the MD of Greater China region as well as Group Head.



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