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One of the prerequisites of success in any market environment is knowledge and understanding of that market. Research Pacific Korea Inc. (RPK) aspires to be a quality driven research firm possessing an in-depth understanding of the Korean market and bringing value added services to our clients.

As a member of The Research Pacific Group, Research Pacific Korea has access to the Group’s regional network and resources across Asia . As such Research Pacific Korea is well suited to providing its clients with full regional project management activities in addition to its Korean centric services.

Headed by a seasoned market research Professional, the Korean office delivers real marketing insight and value, providing expertise in the application of research to support Client decision-making.

Research Pacific Korea offers a variety of Quantitative and Qualitative services to address an array of Client needs.

Major areas of work include Customer Satisfaction, Product Development/Feasibility, U & A, Communications Testing, Organisational climate studies and many more.
Research Pacific Korea premises in Seoul features new upgraded Focus Group (FGD) facilities. The office is situated in the heart of the Seoul business district within close reach of the Korean subway system ensuring respondent and client ease of access. Outfitted with state-of-the-art FGD facilities the office boasts several features that make quality FGD observation and recording possible.
The Primary Discussion Room can accommodate up to 12 respondents plus moderator. A comfortable seating arrangement with ample table space and ample room for movement plus a large white board, unobtrusive double audio-taping and videotaping facilities will ensure smooth, comfortable, relaxed and productive FGDs. 
Clients have a choice of viewing facilities including the primary viewing room that can accommodate up to 10 people. This gives an optimal environment for insightful focus group observation. It features direct real time viewing via a one-way mirror with complete confidence and assurance of anonymity from this sound proof viewing area. 
The second viewing facility for clients includes a viewing / meeting room with a TV, seating up to 8 people. This facility enables clients to discuss with The Research Pacific Group any issues arising before, during or after the FGD with real time viewing of the group via the TV.
Inadvertent contact with respondents are kept to a minimum with these facilities. Research Pacific Korea will also provide simultaneous Korean and English audio and video deliverables produced on site.

RPK Management

Edward Kim, Managing Partner, is a Korean citizen who joined The Research Pacific Group in 1999 to head our Korean company. A highly experienced and skilled researcher with over 10 years in the industry, Edward has previously served in prominent positions for both TNS Korea and Research Partners Korea. Edward's academic credentials include a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Yonsei University.



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