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TISO™ - Topic Interactive Session Oriented  


An alternative way to approach Qualitative Research - TISO™ helps clients gain in-depth insights into how their products or services "interact" with their customers.

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SCOPE™ - Employee Opinion and Satisfaction


The scientific goodwill approach to employee satisfaction and opinion measurement. Based on the precept that employee involvement is a key indicator of organizational health.


Mr.Kevin Reagan 
Employee Opinion and Satisfaction

Many organisations invest large amounts of money in order to benchmark and improve customer satisfaction only to find their efforts are not yielding success. A common reason particularly among organisations (both public and private sector) whose role is to deliver service is employee morale and attitudes. Savvy managers know that those in the frontline, as well as those behind the scenes, can have the biggest impact on the organisation in terms of satisfaction. All too often, organisations, in striving to become closer to their customers, forget about their employees.

The Research Pacific Group's EOS program is designed to address employee morale and satisfaction in a systematic, confidential and cost-effective manner. With normative data, you can tell if you are above average or below average and our unique analysis methods allow you to predict actions of certain groups. TRPG has a unique database of normative data accumulated across an extensive database of surveys undertaken. These data are available for most of the rating items used by us to measure most aspects of staff satisfaction and involvement. This valuable database enables data reported to an individual client to be put into context rather than analysed in a vacuum.

Our methodology has been developed and refined over the past several years, since then we have surveyed over 30,000 staff, in 42 companies in South East Asia. It has been found highly effective in obtaining actionable and useful feedback from staff, in an absolutely objective manner.

It is however designed to be flexible to the needs of a particular organisation; the Client should thus not feel that it is unduly rigid... changes are possible if the circumstances in Client's organisation so warrant.

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